May The Best House Win – Filming Fun for The Olive Tree

My niece mentioned that ITV were looking for Spanish contestants for May The Best House Win and so I applied with photographs of The Olive Tree. Even though I didn’t expect a response because they had had so many people contact them, I was delighted to hear back from ITV and, after a Skype interview with Neil at ITV, we were thrilled to have The Olive Tree feature on the program.

The May The Best House Win crew spent the first day looking around the house, deciding which rooms to feature, interviewing me and filming. I was really worried but they were a lovely group and it turned out to be great fun. The next day the other three contestants arrived to judge the the Olive Tree house. Each hostess had to put on a little entertainment with a snack for the other contestants and I served tapas by the pool bar and also arranged for a fantastic local singer, David Stanley, to come and entertain us.

Then we all piled into cars and were driven miles to film and judge the other three houses. The four houses were all quite different. All in all the filming took three long, hard days from 7am to 9pm in searing hot weather. Even the May The Best House Win film crew, who were used to working such long hours were fading in the high temperatures. They were a really fun crew and tried to make it as easy as possible for us contestants.

I loved all the other contestants houses for different reasons and so awarded them very high marks and that probably scuppered our chances! We were however, very pleased with the positive comments for the Olive Tree from both the contestants and the May The Best House Win film crew (Rebekah, Tom, Mark and Louis – camera crew and they also directed. Nick – logistics and driver and Maz administrator/driver)

May the Best House Win