Thurs to Sunday 8 – 11 and 15 – 18 November
Tapas and a drink – 2€ each

Discover new restaurants in Pinoso by sampling their tapas and a drink at each one and then follow the route on the map to the next one. Each restaurant has booklets showing the route to follow. Simply eat the tapas, take a drink, pay your 2€ or 2,50€, get your booklet stamped and then move to the next.
During these dates 14 establishments will be offering tapas and beer, wine or water for 2€ or a tapas and fizzy drink for 2,50€ from 12.00 – 1500 and from 1900 – 2300 hours.
Book a long weekend at The Olive Tree Country Guest House and join in the fun.

This year the participating restaurants are;
• Lothermans,
• Rincon Andaluz,
• Meson Tonet,
• La Picaeta,
• El Bocao,
• El Nou Embolic,
• La Peña,
• Oasis,
• Araomai,
• Bar Pacheco,
• Restaurante Eduardo,
• Raco del Flare,
• Cal Llarg,
• Felinke,
• Los Premios,

Fun Tapas and Drink Discovery At 14 Restaurants and Bars in Pinoso