Only 2.5km (about 3 minutes by car) from The Olive Tree are 4 local Bodegas (wineries).

The smallest (and closest) of which is Bodega Los Gabrieles. The entire building is no bigger than and traditional house. But as you step inside prepare to be amazed.

Established in 1888, this traditional Bodega has been producing wines using the local grapes, in time honoured fashion. This is literally a “One Stop Shop”. Grapes go in the back, wine comes out the front. If you want to see where wine is made from start to finish, pretty much the way it’s always been, this is definitely the place to visit.

The first thing that will hit you is the heady aroma of the wine making process, the pressing of grapes, and the whole fermentation process in action, the air is so infused that you can practically taste it even before you lay eyes on the vast fermentation tanks and solid oak casks filled with the wines your about to discover.

Paco and his wife, Evera, are normally there to greet you and will happily let you explore, as they get on with their day to day business. There are always plenty of glasses at hand, and they’re more than happy to let you sample their life’s work.


After the pleasant task of sampling, should you wish, you can pick up wine by the usual 75cl bottle or in 2 and 5 litre containers. If you take your own containers then they’ll happily fill those for you too, straight from the taps of the huge oak casks that line the bodega walls.

Their shop, which is an array of wooden shelves in the centre of the bodega itself, also hold a variety of local produce that can be almost anything from home made preserves and honey, to freshly laid eggs, but always including the interesting selection of Liquors that you certainly wont find on your local supermarket shelves.


120 year old vine

All in all, when staying at the Olive Tree, a “quick” stop by at Bodega Los Gabrieles is most definitely a one off experience that’s not be missed.


A Trip to Los Gabrieles – A Traditional Winery on your doorstep