The Vineyards and Bodegas are in full swing after a successful Grape Harvest.

We are surrounded by beautiful wine country, and the local wine producers love to encourage visitors, to come along and learn more about this age old art.

From the traditional little “cornershop” sized bodegas, right up to the modern state of the art international wineries.  All will proudly take you on a voyage of discovery into their world of wines.

The most simply outstanding example is Casa Rojo….



….this remarkable bodega, nestled in the Sierra de la Pila, (about 10mins from the Olive Tree’s front door) is a breathtaking blend of cutting edge ultramodern design, married with a passionate respect for tradition, where only the best will do,theres no compromise.














The results of this, are met with critical acclaim from every corner of the globe.


They do daily tours, taking you around the entire operation, and even if wine isn’t you first choice of tipple, by the time you’ve been around and gained an understanding of the passion and care that goes into every detail, and then tasted what are arguably, some of the finest wines produced in Spain today? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a change of heart…



Just to make life extra easy.. if you are tempted by a wine tour of Casa Rojo during your stay simply click on the picture below.


Casa Rojo Visit Us



In the meantime weather is lovely and its an ideal time to ramble around the local town and markets, or explore the stunning vistas of the Sierra del Pila.

So  pack a bag, and grab yourself a well earned change of scenery, and relax in the rural Spanish countryside, at The Olive Tree!

Simply book directly using our “book it now” button, on the website or our facebook page, and pick you dates. Come and enjoy yourself in this beautiful area. Go on a wine tasting tour, visit the local markets, try out the local restaurants, take a ramble in the mountains, or just put your feet up and relax!



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